Friday, February 19, 2010

Sometimes husbands do the nicest things!

We took my car into the dealership this week because there was a short in the heating element in the passenger seat. If you turned on the seat heater, it'd shut off after about 5 minutes. Minor big deal, right? So we took it and they pulled the seat out to replace the part only to realize that they were missing a part and couldn't complete it until the next day. OK, all they needed to do was put the part in and put the seat back. So I was really confused when Kyle told me someone had called him to tell him it still was not finished and I couldn't have my car back until the next day. Kyle went and picked it up yesterday and I didn't go anywhere last night after he got home so I didn't drive it again until today. I went out in my garage this morning and it is immaculately clean. It looks like brand new again...and it needed it BAD! The extra day was only to get it detailed! What a cute husband I have!

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  1. Shauna...about the dishes. It is the emptying the dishwasher that I hate too. ;) I put it off until the kids start grabbing dishes out of the dishwasher, and there are no more clean silverware....even in the dishwasher....