Friday, February 19, 2010

Sometimes husbands do the nicest things!

We took my car into the dealership this week because there was a short in the heating element in the passenger seat. If you turned on the seat heater, it'd shut off after about 5 minutes. Minor big deal, right? So we took it and they pulled the seat out to replace the part only to realize that they were missing a part and couldn't complete it until the next day. OK, all they needed to do was put the part in and put the seat back. So I was really confused when Kyle told me someone had called him to tell him it still was not finished and I couldn't have my car back until the next day. Kyle went and picked it up yesterday and I didn't go anywhere last night after he got home so I didn't drive it again until today. I went out in my garage this morning and it is immaculately clean. It looks like brand new again...and it needed it BAD! The extra day was only to get it detailed! What a cute husband I have!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kyah goes to preschool

Once you turn 3, you are no longer qualified to get help from DDI Vantage, the group that has been helping Kyah with her speech/other areas she was behind in. They refer you to the Granite school district for continued help. The program is pretty similar, only for ages 3+. They have to qualify to be considered for the program. So I had her tested in December after DDI "kicked her out." Fortunately, she did NOT qualify, which means she is too smart for the program. She tested right on where she should be in most areas and was even a few months ahead in some. Her speech was still about two months behind average (which is a VAST improvement to go from not talking at all when she turned 2, to being barely behind, and progressing very rapidly!) Because she didn't qualify, they referred me to a Young 3's preschool through the school district. She could start school as soon as she turned 3, rather than waiting for the following school year, as most preschools do. She started February 2, and she LOVES it! She would wear her backpack all day if I'd let her. One night I was fighting her on going to bed and I told her that if she'd go to sleep, when she woke up in the morning, she'd get to go to school. She marched herself right up the stairs and got herself into bed. Her teachers are fantastic and they have a speech therapist in every class. She seems to get a lot of one on one attention from her. It is so great and I am really enjoying my one on one time with Spencer two mornings out of the week!

The most AMAZING ski cabin!

One of Kyle's employee's (Greg) family owns a cabin right on the slope of Brighton. It is incredible! You put on your skis and ski right out the front door to the lifts and when you're done, you ski right back into the cabin. Greg invited all the company and their families to come up to visit the cabin. It was a lot of fun! Everybody brought something to share, so we all hung out and ate and of course skied. His family has owned it for years and years and it's been passed down through the generations, which is the ONLY way you could ever own a cabin in that location. They will rent it out just to pay the annual expenses, but that's not very frequently. Because he is a friend, he said he would rent it to us as a discounted rate and it's nearly always available because they don't need the money. Kyle and I really really want to get a group together to go spend a few days up on the mountain!

The view from the front window....incredible!

Kyah loves her cousin! She would not take off her jacket, hat and gloves the whole time we were there!

Love my little guy!

Sister-in-law Bambi and nieces Kaitlyn and Missy

She is SUCH a ham when she sees a camera!

Kyah is 3!

I'm a little late on this post, because my laptop died, and I didn't have any other way to upload pictures off my SD card. My laptop is like a's on it's 3rd life! Suddenly came back after weeks of not working!
Anyway...the last two years, I've made a pretty big deal about Kyah's birthday parties. Obviously, the party is more for the adults, than it is for the kids. I decided this year, I was going to just do something small with our families and it ended up being more work than had I just thrown her a well planned party! The weekend before her actual birthday, I was just going to have all of my family over for dinner and make a cake. Kyah really enjoyed helping me! Then two days later, on her birthday, we did another dinner with all of Kyle's family. It was a lot of work, but I really enjoy our families, so it was all worth it!

Helping make the cake!

Helping eat the beater!

Looking at the cake while singing happy birthday.

The favorite toy of all the girls. It caused quite a fight!

This is Kyah's cake from her second party. She LOVES Aurora and she still carries these cake toppers around the house with her and is quite protective of them!