Saturday, February 13, 2010

The most AMAZING ski cabin!

One of Kyle's employee's (Greg) family owns a cabin right on the slope of Brighton. It is incredible! You put on your skis and ski right out the front door to the lifts and when you're done, you ski right back into the cabin. Greg invited all the company and their families to come up to visit the cabin. It was a lot of fun! Everybody brought something to share, so we all hung out and ate and of course skied. His family has owned it for years and years and it's been passed down through the generations, which is the ONLY way you could ever own a cabin in that location. They will rent it out just to pay the annual expenses, but that's not very frequently. Because he is a friend, he said he would rent it to us as a discounted rate and it's nearly always available because they don't need the money. Kyle and I really really want to get a group together to go spend a few days up on the mountain!

The view from the front window....incredible!

Kyah loves her cousin! She would not take off her jacket, hat and gloves the whole time we were there!

Love my little guy!

Sister-in-law Bambi and nieces Kaitlyn and Missy

She is SUCH a ham when she sees a camera!

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