Saturday, May 1, 2010

And the worst blogger award goes too....

My excuse for not blogging more often is usually that I don't do anything worth blogging. But lately I've gotten to do lots of fun things and still no recent blog entries! No excuses....I just haven't done it. So here is a summary of the fun things I've gotten to do. Most recently, I went to Hogle Zoo with my two sisters-in-law and their kids and my mother/father-in law. It was good to get the kids out of the house and get a little sunshine....the weather was so perfect! Spencer was fascinated by everything. He's a curious one! Kyah just enjoyed being with her cousins.
Who needs animals? This thing is good for hours of entertainment!

Of course the kids got soaked, but the weather was nice...they didn't care!

This is how Spencer was with every animal all day. Just stared in awe.

He especially loved the little monkey boy!

Kyah and Missy

Naturally, they were completely spent and fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving.

A couple weeks ago, Kyle had to go on a last minute work trip to Chicago. I'd never been, so the day before he was to leave, he asked me if I wanted to go. Of course! So we dropped the kids off with grandma and grandpa and had a weekend getaway. Several months ago, Kyle and the machinery department did a show in Chicago. They brought in a very large machine straight to the show in hopes of selling it there. They didn't. Rather than spending $18,000....yes, $18,000, to ship it to Salt Lake, he's been paying to store it in a warehouse in Chicago. He had some interested buyers, so he had to fly out to meet them there. We flew in Thursday night, had a nice steak dinner and took a walk along the path of Lake Michigan. (Our hotel was right on Michigan Ave.) He spent a few hours with the customers while I ran along the lake and the rest of the weekend was ours to be tourists! We took the tour at the top of the John Hancock building....learned a lot about Chicago! Then we went to the Field Museum. That didn't really do it for me! Since it was only 3 1/2 miles from our hotel, we decided to walk back. It was one of the best decisions we made. We got to see so much of the city by walking. We stopped to see the most major piece of art in the windy city....the silver bean!

I'm not much for art, but this thing is pretty cool. We came home Saturday, but not before a day filled with more site seeing. My favorite thing we did was go to the Museum of Science and Industry. We were sort of short on time, so we didn't get to spend nearly as much time there as I would like to have. I could go on and on and on about the amazing things they have there! I would go back if I ever get a chance to go back to Chicago. My favorite thing (which was also heartbreaking to see!) was the fetus displays. Actual still born fetuses preserved from about 5 weeks to 38 weeks and 5 days, with a description of what's going on developmentally. Kyle's was obviously the actual German sub that the American's seized in WWII. It was massive! We really wanted to take a tour, but they were sold out.

Kyle standing next to the sub....this doesn't even do justice for the size of the thing! They actually had to break the thing into 3 pieces, dig a hole next to the museum, assemble it in the hole and build a building around it!

The 21 week actual fetus. There were about 30 or so of these cases lined up to show the progression. The last one made me teary eyed!

And of course we couldn't leave Chicago without trying the pizza they are famous for. By several recommendations, we decided to try Giardano's. I have to didn't do it for me. We attempted to go there twice and the wait was an hour each time and it's not like we were there at peak times. I didn't hate it, I just prefer other pizza. Although their tiramisu was DIVINE!
It was a really great, much needed getaway. (On a side note, Kyle got the purchase order for the machine last week....YEA!)

And March, Mom, Stacey, Ryan, Kaylee, Kyah, Spencer and I piled into my car and drove to Southern California. Glendora, to be specific, where my Grandma, Aunt and cousins live. It was a packed trip! It was Grandma's birthday, so we all spent Saturday doing yardwork for her. That was all she wanted. It was a lot of work, but it looked really good when we were done! And I didn't mind doing a little labor in the gorgeous March California weather. I had a pretty good tan going until I came home! We decided to take the kids to Disneyland and since we had family that are CA residents, they were able to buy us two-fer passes in advance. That way we got to go to California Adventure one day then Disneyland the next. The kids LOVED every minute of it. Kyah's pretty obsessed with several princesses right now and didn't get to see one live princess. I was pretty sad about it. However she was absolutely thrilled to walk through Aurora's castle. She can't watch a single Disney movie without yelling "Aurora's castle!" in the opening. The first day my Aunt Jeanine got to go with us and the second my cousin Lauren and her husband Matt (who happens to work at Disneyland.) We couldn't have done it without their help with the kids! It was such a fun trip!
She didn't quite understand the concept of Disneyland before we got there, so we kept telling her "big park" and that got her excited enough!

Bug's's a real stomach wrencher!

Ryan and Kaylee getting ready for the Bug's Life movie.

Spencer's favorite....Nemo! He was wide eyed and smiling the whole time!

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