Friday, March 13, 2009

We are the Champions, my friend!

For the past 4 or so weeks, our ward has been advertising a stake chili cook off. Every week they would announce it, they would talk about the ward rivalry and how Craig won it last year and lots of people were out to steal his title. I thought about going, but didn't think more than that. This past Sunday, when they were announcing it, I remembered that when Kyle and I first started dating, he made me the most amazing chili. It is SO good! I decided I wanted to enter. I never saw the sign up sheet go around in Primary, but I decided I would just show up with chili and they'd have to enter me in the competition. I spent all day in the kitchen today, but it was obviously well worth it. We were up against about 30 other flavors of chili and we actually won first place! Our prize was a ladle and two oven mits. We also won a first place ribbon, but we lost it at the church....oops! We're awesome!


  1. That is awesome. You'll have to make some when we visit :) Well, it might be too hot outside for Chili.

  2. Wow, that's pretty impressive...nice job! Now I want to try the chilli!!!