Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OK, I give in!

I have often thought about starting a blog. I can't say I'm anti-blog like I'd say I was about the networking sights that I have unwillingly joined and become addicted to. I just always thought, if I start a blog, it will be one more thing I have to keep up with and the thought of it stresses me out. But lately, I have found myself thinking, wow, if I had a blog, I'd so put that on it. Not to mention, that by not having a blog, I am never updated on when others make changes to theirs, so I never know when to check everybody's. So I'm giving in. Here we go. I've told myself, I don't have to blog every little thing. I will just do anything that seems really important. But let's be honest. I don't do anything halfway. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. We'll see how this goes!


  1. YAY! i am excited! :o) It's fun seeing everyones!

  2. Yeah!!! I'm excited that you have a blog! It's always fun seeing more of what everyone is up to and watching the lil' ones grow up!!!