Thursday, July 15, 2010

It came! It finally came!

Kyle has been on my case about buying a new video camera. We bought one right before Kyah was born, but it kept making its way back down to Kyle's work, so it was never around when we wanted to take video. I started seriously looking into which would be the best to buy. Melissa convinced me that I'd be better off (and more likely to take more video) if I had a really good still camera with a really big SD card, because I'll actually carry this around with me every where I go. So I bought one that is specifically advanced in taking video and I finally got it yesterday! I'm really hoping that the new camera will also inspire me to take more normal pictures too. I usually just let everyone else take pictures for me and have them send me copies because A) The quality was not that great and B) It was so slow to take pictures, kids would do something cute and stop by the time my camera actually got around to capturing the picture. I can't complain too was a gift and its been fine for the last almost 4 years. But I am super excited about the new one!

This shows the difference in quality of cameras. This is taken with the old one. Look how red and glowy Spencer looks, not to mention you can't even tell his shirt has just all blurs together.

And a picture taken few minutes later with the new camera. Much much better!

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