Thursday, July 15, 2010

Allred family reunion

Kyle's mom's family has been having an annual family reunion since the 40s or 50s. Its really big. It started with his great-grandpa and his siblings back then. It keeps going after all these years with all their descendants and it is huge! There are so many people there and it is SO much fun! It's always held out in Altonah, UT on one of the family members property. They have a whole bunch of land and there is a tree-shaded clearing where everyone brings in their camper trailers. It has a little lake with a swing (which unfortunately we didn't make it over to this year...its hard with the little ones!) And of course we have a big campfire every night. Kyle's Mom and her siblings are in charge of putting on next year and they've decided they're going to let the "kids" handle it this time. I'm open to any suggestions if anyone has any fun ideas for a really big family reunion! :)

Kyle & Rachel

Spencer spent the whole 3 days in the sandbox and throwing whatever he could find into the stream.

Kyle's mom, Bunny and Aunt Barb

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