Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend With the Jorgensons (and Chase and Kristi)

Kyle has had cabin fever REAL bad. So last week I decided to start planning a camping trip with his family. I put out an invitation....we're going to Currant Creek to go camping, whoever wants to come can come. His whole family actually showed up. Chase and Kristi really wanted to go, so they came too. I checked the forecast before we left and saw it was supposed to rain a little the day we got there (Friday) and rain a little more the day we left (Sunday). Yeah, so much for the weather report. It rained pretty much the whole time we were there. We had all these plans of mountain biking and hiking, but that didn't work out so well. It didn't stop the boys from fishing though....a little cold didn't scare them off. Those of us who don't handle the cold so well, huddled together under a canopy and played games. It really ended up being a lot of fun, despite the rain, just enjoying each other's company. Our camping spot was right on the river, which was fun, but made the four moms of toddlers a little nervous. I was a little worried about taking Kyah camping, but she LOVED it. She and her 3 cousins her age had a blast together. We had a junk food table and just about every time you looked at Kyah, she had either an oreo, chips, or a granola bar in her hand. Becky and I got up early on Sunday morning and drove down to the Fruitland Branch to go to church, where they normally have around 15 people attending. Since it was a holiday weekend, there had to be over 200 people there. It was actually a really good meeting. The missionaries came to speak and had a really good message.

Kyle fishing the river.

Raquel holding sleeping Spencer

Spencer did surprisingly well. It was really cold, but we just kept him snuggled in a blanket most the time and didn't have any problem with him. He's such a good kid!

Becky & Kristi eating foil dinners

I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if you are an 8 year old boy (Kade) or a 38 year old man (Dusty) all boys are pyros and act like they are 5 years old when it comes to fire! They were obsessed with building their "MAN'S fires."

It was so dang hot, you couldn't stand within 10 feet of it!

The fallen "MAN'S fire."

Chase, Dusty, Kaitlyn and I playing a short game of horseshoes while it cleared up for 15 minutes.

As we were getting ready to leave, Kyle opened the valve to the fresh water and Kyah and Missy couldn't get enough of it. Despite the fact that the temperature was in the 40s, they were both completely soaked.
We all wanted to stay a little longer, but Kyle, forgetting Monday was a holiday, told a man flying in from Turkey that he could come on Memorial Day, so Kyle had to go into work. Everyone else decided to pack up and head home Sunday evening with us. This trip made me remember how much I love camping. I'm ready to start planning the next one already!


  1. We keep wanting to go camping too but Ben has games almost every weekend so we haven't been able to plan a date yet. This post gets me even more determined to make it happen though!Glad you guys had fun.

  2. Sure I hope I'm available for the next one... Ryan and I really want to invest in camping gear!